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Small Town Satisfaction: Marc’s Garage Scores with Community-Rooted Customer Service

In today’s technology-saturated marketplace, consumers are bombarded with e-mails, robo-calls, text messages, twitter updates and more virtual junk mail every day. But unless Grandma’s getting out the good stationery, an honest-to-goodness hand-addressed thank-you note nestled in the daily stack of credit card offers is nearly as rare as a UFO sighting!

Robeks Smoothie Franchisee Anne Randles

In the automotive service industry, there are more than 100 automotive franchises trying to sign new franchisees. These franchises can range from windshield repair to full-service repair. Whatever the case, turning your location into a franchise, buying an existing franchise or starting a new franchise can be a challenging task.

Choosing a Lift That Will Contribute Most to Shop Profitability

As the centerpiece of the service bay, lifts are critical to the productivity and profitability of any automotive repair shop. A lift that’s properly matched to the job at hand will let technicians work more efficiently, for greater profitability. If the lift is well-made, it will provide enhanced productivity for years to come.

The Real Art of Advertising: More Than Pretty Pictures and Catchy Phrases, Part I

During challenging economic times, nearly everyone in the automotive service industry asks the same nagging question: “How much should I really be spending on advertising?” In truth, the answer to that question should be another question: “Are you spending or investing?”

Think You’re Female Friendly? Examine the Basics to See if Your Shop Measures Up

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from automobiles to healthcare, and they spend about $5 trillion annually – about half of the U.S. gross domestic product.

Executive Interview: Jim Graninger, Vice President, Regional Business Unit, Bosch Diagnostics

Bosch’s Jim Graninger brings to automotive service more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, including over 20 years in the aftermarket arena. Before joining Bosch, he was Vice President and General Manager of Rexnord Industries, LLC, and prior to that, served in several vice president level roles with Snap-on, Inc., including their diagnostics business. Jim’s successful career includes international assignments in Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands as well as international responsibilities for Asia, Australia and Latin America.

Tap Into the Power of Collaboration To Grow Your Business, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how collaboration can positively affect your business by producing better business decisions. Now, let’s discuss options for broadening your decision-making inputs by finding the right business group for you.

Shop Profile: No Place Like Bob’s Wheel Alignment

When Bob Archer opened the doors to Bob’s Wheel Alignment in Charlottesville, VA, almost 30 years ago, he had one technician and one front-office secretary. Today, the shop employs 21 people and has grown to more than 17,000 square feet. What’s made Bob’s so successful all these years? “Service, service, service,” he says.

Things To Consider Before Opening Your Second Shop, Part I

You have thought about it long and hard and decided it may be time to open a second shop. Here are some things to consider: 97% of all new businesses fail within the first five years. There are two primary reasons that these businesses fail: Under Capitalization and Poor Management.

Producing a Quality Shop Video Can Help You Break Through the Clutter

Want to build your business by reaching customers through an exciting, visual medium? Videos may just be your answer. They can serve as the ideal medium to break through the clutter and help build your shop’s name and reputation in the community in a unique and visual manner.

Discrimination in the Workplace: Prevention Starts at the Top

The U.S. Justice Department tells us that lawsuits alleging discrimination in the workplace more than tripled in the 1990s. These stories can be found online, in the newspaper and on the evening news almost daily, and most commonly involve race, gender, disability, religion or age. The uncertainty of today’s business climate, the downturn in the economy, and most importantly, layoffs, increases the likelihood of legal action.