November 2020 Archives - Shop Owner Magazine
ABS Warning Lights Are There For A Reason

ABS operates in the background, so customers may not even notice when something goes wrong.

Are You A Leader If No One Follows You?

Leadership is too often about coercing, even manipulating people into doing things to fulfill a particular agenda.

Tracking Down Techs: How To Hire In A Tight Labor Market

This article provides four tips to help you attract and hire the best techs.

Shop Profile: Octane Garage In Gillette, Wyoming

A strategy of positive teamwork drove owner Doug Leitzke to imagine his ideal facility and make it a reality.

Capital Equipment: Repair vs. Replace

How do you know if your equipment is worth repairing or replacing?

Getting Through 2020 Will Make 2021 Even Easier

In preparation for a better 2021, here are a few financial reminders of things that might help.

Your Bonus Program May Be Hurting Your Business

As you look ahead to 2021, consider creating a bonus plan that rewards the metrics you value in your shop.