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Fuller Automotive: From Buggies To Autos, Shop Stands The Test Of Time

Not many shop owners can trace their roots back to a time before automobiles, when horse and buggy were the standard means of transportation. But that’s exactly what Chris Fuller can do with Fuller Automotive that started when his great-grandfather Willis Fuller transitioned from working on horse-drawn carriages to the internal combustion engine. Now Fuller Automotive & Tire Center in Auburn, MA, has eight bays for repairs on all makes and models, and is separated by a shared waiting room with a four-bay SpeeDee Oil Change center.

Repair One Automotive: Team Atmosphere Bolsters Shop’s Success

Creating a team atmosphere is sometimes easier said than done in a repair shop setting. Not so with Repair One Automotive. Since opening in January 2003, owners Brent and Brenda O’Neal have made every effort to build not only a team atmosphere, but a positive environment where “employees know their ideas are both listened to and valued.”

Executive Interview: Marc Rosone, Global Director Of Product Management And Marketing, Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Service Solutions

Marc Rosone is global director of product management and marketing for Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Service Solutions, with responsibility for the Bosch, Robinair and OTC brands. Rosone is responsible for international oversight of A/C tools and equipment. He joined the service solutions business in 1997, acquired by Bosch in 2012, and has since served in a variety of sales and product management roles within the company.

Defining Your Brand Strategy And Telling Your Shop’s Story

Do your uniforms look like every other shop in the area? Does your waiting room look the same? Do your advertisements look exactly like what everyone else is sending? These things are all part of your shop’s brand – its image in the community. And you can either choose to look, sound and act like everyone else, or you can choose to build your own brand, tell your own story and set yourself apart.

4 Reasons Why Job Descriptions Are Essential To A Small Business

Most companies use job ­descriptions as a recruiting tool, to define performance standards and career planning. Those are all great uses, but here are four more reasons that job descriptions should be used in a ­company.

Illegal Substances And Their Impact On An Auto Repair Business

As I am sure you’re aware, an employee’s drug use can lead to injuries and losses that will drive up your insurance rates, absenteeism, poor performance and even theft. If you’re unsure of what to do, then you’re reading the right ­article.