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Steps Toward Smooth Sailing: Establishing Proper Policies & Procedures To Improve Your Shop’s Productivity

We’ve all been there. Customers keep coming in waves and your shop is crazier than it’s ever been. The bays and parking lot are completely full, your waiting room has guests who are waiting to speak with a service writer and you can’t catch your breath trying to keep it all organized. In other words, your policies and procedures broke down. The systems that worked when business was slower fell apart as you grew, and now you’re left trying to pick up the pieces or the shop morale will take a dive and your customers’ trust will fall right along with it.

Healthy Curiosity: Clinging To The Old Ways Of Doing Things Could Be Detrimental To Your Shop’s Growth

Curiosity is a key element in the evolution of both people and businesses. Often, however, the structures we surround ourselves with don’t lend themselves to exploring new ideas or new ways of doing things. Many of us cling to processes that have worked in the past – and we depend on them to work for us in the future.

The Power Of Gratitude: When People Feel Valued And Appreciated, They Are Better Able To Handle Customers

Automotive repair facilities often say their business would fail without their employees. But do their employees know that?

The Marketing Diamond

I’ll bet you’re using marketing backward. Yes, backward. The good news is, I’m also betting every one of your competitors is marketing backward, too. Let me explain.

Five-Star Mediocrity: If You’re Not Creating Positively Memorable Experiences, You’re Not Creating True Customers

Specializing in training for independent tire/auto service businesses, I normally steer clear of new vehicle dealerships for tires or service work for my personal vehicles. The exception to this rule occurred recently when I brought in my 2016 Chrysler 300, a company car I lease through my business, into my local Jeep-Chrysler dealership in response to a safety recall notice.

Bill Etscorn & Sons Auto And Collision Centers: Three Forward-Focused Brothers Carry On Their Family’s Vision Of Customer Care

What do you get when three third-generation shop owners come together to run a business? You get the Etscorn brothers and their three family-owned and operated shops, all operating under the Bill Etscorn and Sons Auto and Collision Centers’ umbrella.