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Casey’s Independent Automotive Repair Shares Vision With Employees

The mark of a long-lasting business isn’t just profitability during times of economic prosperity, but also adjusting when things take a turn for the worse. Vancouver, WA, Shop Owner Casey McGowan has seen hard times — and taken the steps necessary to ensure his business not only stayed afloat but flourished as well.

Dan Freeman, Industry Veteran Of 50 Years, Takes A Look Back And A Look Ahead

Dan Freeman, who’s been at the helm of Automotive Parts Associates (APA) for 25 years, looks back on his storied and successful career, and looks forward to giving back to the industry in his well-deserved retirement that begins later this month.

What Did We Learn About Digital Automotive Inspections After Nine Months?

Now that Paperless Back Shop (PBS) digital inspections have had some time in the field, we are hearing some amazing feedback. Not only are our users reporting increases in the number of recommendations made by technicians during inspections, and more recommendations making it to the tech worksheet, but shop dynamics are improving as well.

How To Get Paid On Time

Due to current economic conditions, it’s likely that collecting on your accounts receivables is becoming more and more of a challenge. Strengthening your collection procedures may allow you to improve collection rates and shorten the aging days of your accounts receivables. The following suggestions will help your business improve its cash flow and tighten up its credit and collections policies.

Executive Interview: WIX Filters’ Edward Covington and Mike Harvey

WIX Filters’ Edward Covington, vice president of quality assurance, and Mike Harvey, brand manager, discuss what constitutes “normal” driving, seasonal car care tips and how the iconic WIX brand will mark 75 years in 2014.

How To Sell Auto Repair In 2014

As our industry continues to evolve, there are a number of changes you need to consider. Cars are being built better, so they are lasting longer. With service intervals constantly being extended, you will see your customers less often. Here are some tips that can help you be more successful this year when it comes to driving up your sales and customer satisfaction.

Federated Shop Of The Year: Brighton Auto Service

In an age of social media and constant connectivity via smartphones, who you know can help make or break your business. Just ask Bill Wasylyk, Bobby Lee Keeney Jr. and Eric Muir, co-owners of Brighton Auto Service in Brighton, MI. Their long-standing association with Federated Auto Parts has played an integral role in the shop’s success.

Improve Auto Repair Employee Performance By Setting, Tracking Goals

Improving employee performance is a critical issue that most shop owners struggle with on a daily basis. I’ve discovered that building and maintaining a strong team of high performers is an ongoing process that requires a range of strategies, from providing the proper training to offering opportunities for growth.

Get The Most Out of Your Shop’s Point-of-Sale Software

Choosing shop management and point-of-sale software is a bit like buying a vehicle. The sheer number of makes and models available can be intimidating for a shop looking to get started or change to a new system. So, how do you choose

Executive Interview: A New Name, A New Era For One Of The Industry’s Top Associations

Earlier this month, Kathleen Schmatz, president and CEO, and Rich White, senior vice president, of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, kicked off a media tour to educate aftermarket industry trade media and other constituents on a major rebranding for the association. They recently visited Babcox Media’s corporate offices to talk to editors and publishers about this exciting change.

Case Study: Overcoming Daunting Challenges Selling An Automotive Aftermarket Business

While every transfer of business ownership is unique, unforeseen challenges – in this case, a national business recession that resulted in decreased sales and complicated by environmental and family ownership issues – can cause the selling process to drag on for what seems like forever, to the frustration of all parties involved.