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Top 10 Reasons Shops Don’t Sell

Many auto service shop owners and tire dealers have focused their lives on growing and developing their businesses. When life happens – time for retirement, moving on to another career opportunity, family or health issues – a seller can find that a huge gap exists between what they had hoped the business was worth and what a buyer will actually pay for it.

Pre-Employment Tests And Assessments

When it comes to hiring techs and advisors, you need to have a really good system in place. Otherwise, you might hire the wrong people and will soon regret your decision. It’s a mistake we have all made. Although there is no foolproof way to ensure you are hiring the superstars you are looking for, we can learn from some of the most successful companies in America that utilize tests and assessments to better ensure their success.

Building Trust Through Your Brand

When it comes to garnering consumer trust, repair shops seem to rank as low as law firms and cable companies. In a 2014 survey of car owners conducted by RepairPal, 52% of respondents said they believed they had been taken advantage of by an automotive repair shop.

Executive Interview: Brad Drummond, COO, Aramark

Brad Drummond is Chief Operating Officer of Aramark Uniform Services and Refreshment Services – leading providers of uniforms, facility supplies and food beverage services. He is responsible for operations with nearly 15,000 employees with more than 300 distribution and market facilities across North America and revenues in excess of $2 billion.

Financing Your Shop’s Future

In a perfect world, small businesses would have enough capital to fund any renovation or new construction project they wished to pursue. Buildings would never be run down, shops would use the latest equipment technology and operating space wouldn’t be an issue. But this isn’t a perfect world. Construction costs can add up quickly, and not every small business has enough free capital to fund a project without bank financing.

Keep Your Shop’s Marketing Messages Consistent

There are several ways to reach your customers and a number of different messages that you can send. Unless you’re writing, designing, posting and mailing every piece – and keeping creative control over every aspect of your shop’s image – how can you ensure a consistent message on every channel?

Seasonall Automotive Service: Solid Foundation Built On Practical Experience

When you’ve been in the industry as long as Chris Atwood, you pick up a thing or two about running a successful independent automotive repair shop – especially when you got your start pushing a broom rather than turning wrenches.

John’s Automotive Care: Where Continuous Improvement And The Little Things Count

No job is too big – or too small – for John’s Automotive Care. Whether it’s performing driveability diagnostics on a fleet vehicle, or simply changing a light bulb on a customer’s car, owner John Eppstein says the staff always gives 100 percent.