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Remodeling Your Service Counter?

At Elite, we realize that the very first thing a service advisor needs to do with first-time customers is build rapport. Making good eye contact, smiling and shaking the customer’s hand are all part of that process, so when a customer comes in to your facility, the last thing in the world you need is a barrier between your advisor and the customer. Ironically, that’s exactly what most service counters are, and most shops have them for two reasons: it’s the way it has always been done, and it provides a workspace for the advisor.

The Secrets To Follow-Up Calls

When it comes to customer follow-up calls, let’s first talk about “who” you should call. You should call all first time customers (even if they just came in for an oil service) to thank them for choosing your facility. Secondly, you should call all “repair” customers to confirm that the repair, and the quality of your service, met with their expectations.

A Tip For Interviewing Service Advisors

When interviewing service advisors, always ask them to rate their “sales skills” on a scale of 1 to 10. If they’ve been in sales for more than two years, and they respond with anything less than an 8, something is wrong. Either they recognize that they don’t have what it takes, or they lack self-confidence.

Verify, Verify, Verify

We have all heard the three things needed in real estate for success are location, location, location. The same can be said for successful automotive repair. Think verify, verify, verify.

We Worry Too Much About High Tickets And Labor Rates

Raising your labor rate and trying to increase your average ticket dollar amount in an effort to increase income may not be the way to financial stability. In fact, it might just make you fail! Before you send for the men in white coats and call me crazy, please have an open mind and read on.

Common Customer Service Myths Exposed

How to break down the myths of customer service, get into customers’ heads, and figure out the best way to serve them and turn a problem customer into a customer for life.

Advertising Does Not Work, And I Can Prove It!

Got your attention? Great! Now let me tell you what I really think. Advertising DOES work. Did the title of this article grab your attention? You bet it did. I purposely phrased the title in that way in order to get your attention. That’s advertising.

Ask The Customer Again

When your service advisors recommend additional services that are outside of the customer’s original concern, and the customer initially declines those additional services, in most cases, your advisors should call the customer back at the appropriate time to re-offer the services.

10% Growth Needs To Be The Goal

Here’s where a lot of shops get into trouble. They’ll tell themselves that their businesses are doing well, and all they want to do is “fine-tune” their operations rather than grow.

Getting Employees To Adopt The Right Culture

How many times during the day does a customer stop by or call, and ask to only speak with you, the shop owner? Do you know why? It’s because in general, the experience the customer has when dealing with the owner of a business is much different than when dealing with an employee.

A Customer Asks, ‘What’s The Worst Case Scenario?’

Don’t ever let yourself be misled by this question. All of the options that you offer have one thing in common – they’re all good options, otherwise you wouldn’t be offering them.

Want to Increase Your Brake Business?

To begin, every vehicle that enters your shop should be subject to a “no wrench” inspection. This inspection should include a list of items that can be visually inspected without the disassembly of any components. This “no wrench” inspection virtually takes no additional time for the technician to perform.