January 2022 Archives - Shop Owner Magazine
Spark Plug Removal Techniques On Ford Modular Engines

Ford’s Modular engine has been known to give techs a hard time during a spark plug replacement. 

Understanding Electronic Throttle Bodies

Today, virtually every vehicle manufacturer has an electronic throttle system on every make and model.

Business Resolutions To Make 2022 A Success

Keep doing what you have been doing and you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. Catchy quote – true sentiment.

Even With Other Communication Methods, A Phone Remains Vital

Sure, you have multiple methods of communicating with your customers but don’t overlook the immense power of your telephone.

TPMS Valve Stems – What Are The Trends? What Is The Future?

Whatever the type of stem, carelessness can result in a broken sensor or even a customer being stranded with a flat tire.

Economic Indicators Influencing IRF Philosophies

How economic charts can make both dollars and sense to today’s independent shop owner.

Are Things Really That Bad?

Be optimistic about the future of automotive repair – new technology brings new opportunity. Don’t be afraid to look up!

Capitalizing On The Winter Tire Opportunity

Winter tires are uncompromising tools designed to deal with uncompromising weather. Are they right for your customer?

Frank Leutz Is Putting His Mouth Where His Money Is

Renaissance man Frank Leutz puts his mouth where his money is to promote his shop and the industry.

BMW Misfires Likely Due To Winter Blend Fuels

Winter misfires may be incorrectly diagnosed as unrelated issues – check the fuel first.

Seeking Success? You’re Not Alone

Too often, we focus on what we’re doing wrong to stop it, rather than what we’re doing right to improve it.

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