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Boosting Productivity Through Collaboration

Most meetings are – at best – boring and a waste of time. For most shops, meetings aren’t a positive experience. That’s because many team meetings fall into one of two categories: either the boss pulls everyone together to scold and lecture about problems, or the team uses the meeting as an opportunity to complain, whine and make excuses.

The Total Service Experience: Make It Exceptional From Start To Finish

Our mission at Repair One is “to provide quality and dependable auto repair and service with complete integrity and to build long-term relationships based on honesty, service and respect.” In order to accomplish our mission, many steps and procedures must be in place and consistently followed.

Pickering’s Auto Service Committed To Improving Quality Of Service

A fifth-generation family-owned business, Pickering’s Auto Service boasts a 40-year legacy of quality, customer service-oriented repairs in Lakewood and Arvada, CO. But even with that heritage, Marketing Director Taylor Pickering explains that they are always looking for ways to improve, whether it’s a new customer service program, new technician training or updating the shop’s website.

Pickering's Auto staff
Interacting With A Buyer Of Your Shop

As an expert in your business, you can play a valuable role in staying engaged and working in partnership with your broker. While some brokers, especially those who sell commercial real estate, go out of their way to keep buyers and sellers from directly interacting, this is rarely the best method to achieve a successful sale of a business in the shortest amount of time.

5 Easy Ways To Drive Up Your Sales

If the customer doesn’t feel comfortable with you, it will be a challenge to sell repairs and services. You should always sell yourself first. After the customer is sold on you, you then need to sell them on the technician who is working on their vehicle.