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Tech Tip: Why Won’t My Audi Warm Up?

Code B10D004 will indicate a coolant circulation pump failure.

Hyundai Hybrid Stop/Start System Problems

Specific conditions with the engine, transmission and brake system all have to be met for the ISG system to function.

Help! My TPMS Light Is On!

Here are a few commonly overlooked issues that could be triggering a warning light and worrying your customers.

Answer Your Customers’ Questions About Brake Pads

Our readers ask us the same questions your customers ask you. Here’s how to answer them.

Is Ride Control Service Costing You More Than Money?

Loaded or complete struts can be twice the price of a strut and upper mount – but is that the whole story

How To Maximize Your Shop’s Alignment Service Opportunities

Here are 10 tips to help make your shop’s alignment services profitable and productive.

ADAS Calibration – Myths and Operation

Many don’t understand what happens during an ADAS calibration. Here’s what really goes on.

Is Car Count The Complete Answer?

The inefficiency of many service processes becomes worse as they are sped up to meet an increased vehicle demand.

Is Your Shop’s Culture Built On Your Clients’ Experiences?

Today’s business climate is in constant evolution that requires adaptation. People are the most strategic resource.

What’s Your Two-Year Plan?

Your 2023 customers will likely be a lot like the 2021 customers but will probably keep their vehicles even longer.

Resolve To Get Organized in 2022

The summer rush is behind us, and you have the time to get off that bull in 2022? Why not resolve to create more time?

Long Term Growth Plan in The Garden State

Whalen’s Auto Repair and Tires is an Auto Value certified service center in Cape May Courthouse, NJ.