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The Most Powerful Force In Auto Repair Marketing

For an industry that was once dominated by males, I’m pleased to have watched us evolve to a point where today we have female technicians, service advisers, managers and shop owners who are superstars in every regard. Without question, there are many powerful ladies throughout our industry who are role models for all of us.

Dynamic Automotive: Focus On Education And Customers

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Dynamic Automotive has always been about more than just repairing vehicles. With three locations in the Frederick, MD, area, the shop’s owners, Dwayne Myers, Lee Forman and Jose Bueso have chosen to give back to customers and the community alike through education.

Dynamic Automotive award group
A Gift Steve Jobs Left For Shop Owners

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, some CEOs are starting to understand the price they have to pay for quick profits, and many of them are now taking a different approach. Although all companies should consider their long-term growth and financial stability, there has been an ongoing challenge that today’s CEOs face – the relentless demand for immediate profits that is put on them by their stockholders.

Mobile Service & Repair Co. Builds Solid Foundation In Wadsworth, Ohio

Twenty years after its inception, Mobile Service & Repair Co. is still going strong in Wadsworth, OH. But when Frank Dannemiller started the business out of his garage in 1995, he had no idea what obstacles he would have to overcome.

Making New Equipment Pay For Itself In 90 Days

In the best-case scenario, the new equipment pays for itself, increases trust and loyalty with your customers, improves efficiency, and leaves you with no regret. But, the opposite is always a possibility: the equipment never pays for itself, it goes unused, it breaks down and makes your team inefficient, and ultimately makes you wish you’d never have written the check.

shop equipment
The Sellability Score In Action

The “Sellability Score” has become an integral tool in my business in assisting a potential aftermarket business seller in answering crucial questions such as: If you wanted to, could you sell your business today for a number that you’d be happy with? Is there anything that you could be doing each day to make your business more valuable?

Environmentally Conscious Auto Service

What is environmentally conscious auto service? Let’s face it: repairing automobiles is a dirty business. As a technician working in car dealerships for 10 years, I saw first-hand how the industry dealt with waste and how repairing automobiles promoted a harsh approach to the use of chemicals.

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ACDelco’s Robert Sanford Executive Interview

Robert Sanford is responsible for ACDelco’s business strategies and overall performance. He joined GM in 1982 and has served in a variety of service, sales, aftersales and management roles with the company.

Robert Sanford
Servicing Fleet Account Vehicles … A New Profit Center For Your Shop!

Tom and Joe Palermo shed some light on the challenges they faced as they embarked on new service territory, how they equipped their shop and team to take on additional vehicles and their varied service requirements, and the opportunities that resulted from establishing a new service “profit center” for their growing business.

Insider Tips About SBA/Bank Financing When Selling Your Shop

As a shop owner contemplating the sale of your business, understanding the elements of bank financing is key to ensuring you will maximize the sales price and minimize the process time.

A Free Gift From McDonald’s For Every Auto Repair Shop

McDonald’s is giving auto repair shops a business lesson that is unlike any other: if you take your focus off of the customer, you will pay a dear price, if not lose your entire business.

Safari Ltd. Brings Environmental Responsibility To Automotive Repair

In an industry that is not often thought of as environmentally friendly, the owners of Safari Ltd. lead by example. During the past 10 years, Hugh and Kelly Phillips have endeavored to create an environmentally responsible and sustainable automotive repair shop in Grand Junction, CO.