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Are You A Shop Owner Suffering From Burnout?

Over the years I have met hundreds, if not thousands, of shop owners who are suffering from burnout. They either tell me they have it, or it clearly shows in their behavior. Ironically, dealing with burnout is no different than fixing cars, in that in order to accurately solve the problem, we have to first identify the cause.

Want Techs Lining Up At Your Door?

If you are looking to hire star employees, the first thing you’ll need to do is meet them, and there’s no better way to do so than by hosting technical seminars at your shop. Let’s look at the extraordinary benefits.

Three Powerful Words

I was confused, worried and somewhat embarrassed. He did his job well, and took his time explaining everything. I trust my doctor and his findings; I just did not know how to answer. Then he said to me three powerful words, “What I recommend.”

Can Your Auto Repair Business Run Without You?

I received a distressing email the other day from a fellow shop owner. The shop owner stated in his email that he was scheduled for surgery the next day, and asked if I knew of a tech who was looking for temporary work. He went on to say that his other tech (a full-time police officer), works at his shop between shifts, and with him out of commission due to surgery, he will need help in the shop. This shop owner fills in when the tech is working at his other job. This shop owner has been in business for more than 25 years and is well into his 50s. What’s wrong with this picture?

High Gas Prices? Address This Customer Concern!

With gas prices so high, your customers are very conscious of how much money comes out of their pockets every time they are at the pumps. Interestingly, most of your customers feel helpless because they believe that there is nothing they can do to alleviate this issue, other than cut back on their driving. The good news for them, and for you, is that you can help!

How Much? The Car Isn’t Worth Putting Money Into …

How many times have we heard this objection? I have to admit that in some cases it may be true. However, the tragedy last November in the Northeast may have an effect on our customers’ decisions to invest in vehicles that they think have little or no value.

Oceanside Transmission: Specialization And A Unique Business Plan Foster Partnerships With Other General Repair Shops

Oceanside Transmission has been in business since 1989 and over the years Owner Dean Kuhn has seen a lot of changes in the transmission business. Gone are the transmission-only shops of the past; to survive, a change in the shop’s business model was a must.

Car Care Council Vehicle Check-Up Events Boost Customer Confidence And Help Shops Garner Unperformed Maintenance Opportunities

More than 100 vehicles were inspected in October during the first-ever consumer vehicle check-up event conducted by the Car Care Council in conjunction with the Northwood University International Auto Show in Midland, MI.

Web University: Part 2

And here we are again. With all the Google changes, small businesses are scrambling to avoid being relegated to the Internet’s junk bin. Let’s stay on top of it. Whether it’s Google search, social media or what to do with Google+, you’ll find answers to the most challenging questions, in both a “Go Deep” and “Quick Bites” format. Questions submitted by shop owners at www.ShopOwnerMag.com will be answered by Uwe Kleinschmidt, CEO of AutoVitals, a leading supplier of web-based marketing and service advisor productivity tools.

Executive Interview: Christian J. Brandt, National Marketing Manager, ACDelco

ACDelco National Marketing Manager Chris Brandt is an automotive aftermarket industry veteran. He joined ACDelco in 1984 and has served in a variety of roles, including Product Development, Channel Strategy, Supply Chain, Operations and Marketing.

What Image Does Your Business Project? Tactics To Improve Customer Satisfaction

There are more than 175,000 automotive repair shops in the U.S., so how can shop owners differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition? While having the most up-to-date technology and talked-about customer service is always beneficial, sometimes a more simple solution can help to improve the customer experience and your shop’s bottom line.

Transparency In Pricing: It’s Now A Mandate, Not An Option

There was a time in our industry when shop owners were the only ones who knew the cost of their parts. Additionally, the amount they charged for their repairs and services was typically not public knowledge. If customers wanted to know how much it would cost to perform a specific repair, they had limited options; they would have to either call for an estimate, or visit a repair facility.