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How To Post Strong Sales In A Weak Economy

Now that the economy has changed, what have you changed?

Empowering Service Writers

Grow your business by providing the right tools for success.

4 Common Sales Errors

Understand common mistakes made by salespeople and how to overcome them with these 4 tips.

Six Factors For Successful Sales Training

There is no doubt that a well designed and effectively executed sales and customer service training program can dramatically improve your auto service business. Improved customer relations and retention, increased employee productivity, less discounting and more profitable sales are just a few key benefits of a successful training program.

Two Keys To A Higher Car Count

Car count has been a concern of just about every shop owner I’ve talked with at one point or another. Most of the time, shop owners take it upon themselves to bear the burden of the responsibility for car count. But, the truth is, that improving your car count is an entire shop effort and can’t be done without everyone on staff buying in and pulling their weight.

How To Raise The Bar On Sales

How do you set the bar for high performance at your automotive business? This article covers six essential elements.

Converting Price Shoppers: Using A Different Approach Can Win Them Over

Today, before a customer calls, they’ve checked out your website and online reviews. They are half sold on you already. You ruin the sale with your no-quote, “bring it in” attitude. Then, when they don’t make an appointment, you make it their fault and say, “Another price shopper.”

Adding Car Key Sales Expands Profit Opportunities

The automotive key continues to evolve and is often “smart,” allowing the owner to enter the vehicle by just being in close proximity – without pressing any buttons. A modern car may even be able tell who is entering the vehicle and adjust the seat, mirrors and even your preferred radio channels.

How To Raise The Bar On Sales

A set of core values is the foundation of a company’s culture. They establish standards for proper decision-making and help employees understand why certain rules are in place and what they need to contribute to make the company successful.

Selling On Trust: Established Relationships Beat Selling On Safety And Value

Wouldn’t it be nice if cars came into your shop with an ATM machine in the dash? After you fixed what was necessary on the car, you put in your shop credit card, punched in the invoice amount and the money due came out. I’m hoping to make service writing seem that easy.

Will A Few Unhappy Customers Kill Your Chances Of Selling Your Shop For Top Dollar?

Just a handful of negative social media reviews can paint an inaccurate picture that poisons the sellability of your thriving business. Develop an action plan now to avoid scaring off buyers later.

VIDEO: Calming Customer Fears

Paying for vehicle repairs isn’t how most drivers prefer to spend their paycheck, which can make selling service a challenge. Mary DellaValle presents three easy steps you can take to make customers feel good about their purchase. Sponsored by MAHLE.