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VIDEO: How To Attract Top Talent

With competition for quality techs at an all-time high, Adam Redling advises how to make your shop more attractive to potential employees, starting with how to refine your job opening marketing efforts to entice the best candidates. Sponsored by ACDelco.

VIDEO: Boost Productivity With Performance-Based Pay Plans

Adam Redling says that identifying your technicians’ earning potential in real dollars will eliminate any pushback on a performance-based pay plan and create a more efficient shop in the process. Sponsored by ACDelco.

VIDEO: Competing In Today’s Digital Landscape

Adam Redling provides pointers on gaining a competitive edge when navigating through today’s digital landscape that include competing on value rather than price, and communicating with customers in the way they prefer to be reached. Sponsored by ACDelco.

VIDEO: Outshining The Competition

Adam Redling discusses how to create a winning value proposition that differentiates your shop from the competition and keeps it top of mind among your customers and prospects. Sponsored by ACDelco.