Micki Hazz, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Marketing: Why You Need It And How To Do It

Many people hear the word “marketing” and wonder what the heck it really is and if they should be doing it in their shops. And if they are supposed to do it, where do they begin? The world is changing, and it’s time you sunk your teeth into the power of marketing instead of shying away from it. I’m here to help clear up some of your confusion and set you up for marketing success.

What Women Really Want From Your Automotive Repair Shop

If over half of your customers are female, why haven’t you taken a moment to think about how to provide for them in a better way? Most women dread, or at least shy away from, all things automotive – especially when it comes to automotive repair. So, let’s flip things around and cater to that customer segment to not only be a well-rounded business, but also elevate the customer experience for your female clientele.