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VIDEO: Proper Equipment Boosts Bay Efficiency

Time is money, so most people don’t drill down to the basics when they look for ways to increase profitability. Some seek a quick fix, while others look at the big picture and miss the details. Mary DellaValle presents three tips to run a more profitable shop. Sponsored by Coats.

Ridesharing Won’t Displace Consumers’ Affinity For Personal Vehicles

The rise of alternate transportation options for consumers like Uber and Lyft, along with the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology, might be viewed by some as a threat to personal vehicle transportation. In fact, some OEMs have expressed concern about the impact that increased usage of these options will have on consumers’ interest in purchasing vehicles in the future, says Mary DellaValle, editor of Shop Owner magazine.

VIDEO: Calming Customer Fears

Paying for vehicle repairs isn’t how most drivers prefer to spend their paycheck, which can make selling service a challenge. Mary DellaValle presents three easy steps you can take to make customers feel good about their purchase. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Executive Interview: Scott Bennett, Chairman Of The Board, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

Scott is the President of Bennett Auto Supply, Pompano Beach, FL, with 34 stores, 1 distribution center, and over 60 Certified Service Centers throughout Southeast Florida.

VIDEO: Three Best Practices For Your Business

Mary DellaValle discusses three business best practices that can have a big impact on your shop’s success. Sponsored by Management Success.

VIDEO: Marketing To Women

Mary DellaValle explains how to successfully reach female customers to help set your shop apart from the competition. Sponsored by Management Success.

VIDEO: Working Harder? You Should Be Working Smarter

Mary DellaValle says that as a shop owner you’re working harder and faster today to stay ahead of the competition and boost profitability. But you really need to be working smarter. She tells you how, coming up next. Sponsored by Management Success.

VIDEO: Working “ON” Your Business

Mary DellaValle explains how working “on” your business helps your shop stand out from the competition, elevates your shop’s image and builds trust — all of which keep customers coming back for service. Sponsored by Management Success.

10 Building Blocks To Ensure Your Shop’s Success In The New Year

Whether you’re looking back on last year’s challenges and opportunities, or looking ahead to what the new year might hold, the value of working on your business to achieve bigger and better results never changes. Every facet of your business should be continuously refined to support your shop’s customer value proposition.

Shop Owner Introduces LinkedIn Group To Share Best Practices

Join the Shop Owner: Professional Automotive Repair Shop Owners Group now to obtain some business best practices you can immediately implement to attract customers, build trust and engage raving fans who will keep coming back for service.

Servicing Fleet Account Vehicles … A New Profit Center For Your Shop!

Tom and Joe Palermo shed some light on the challenges they faced as they embarked on new service territory, how they equipped their shop and team to take on additional vehicles and their varied service requirements, and the opportunities that resulted from establishing a new service “profit center” for their growing business.

Customer Loyalty To Vehicle Brands Spells Ongoing Maintenance Opportunities

Vehicle owners’ allegiance to brands should give us all something to cheer about. This is especially true for those of you who service import vehicles. Nine import nameplates – Infiniti, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru and Volvo – are among the 13 brands that experienced 10-year highs in loyalty rates in Q1 2015, according to new research from IHS Automotive.