John Passante, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Who Do You Bring With You to Work?

When employees bring their whole self to work, they bring their gifts, life experiences, values, purpose and motivation.

Never Overvalue The Importance Of Loyalty and Leadership

Loyalty is the key to customer retention and employee satisfaction, and is a true example of leadership skills.

How Your Shop Will Thrive By Fostering Belonging

By creating a culture of belonging, everyone can and will be more successful.

Are You An Impactful Leader?

Impactful leadership is embedded in vision, value and validation.

It Is Time To Make An Appointment With Yourself

As we all strive to grow to our full human height, I view my role as a coach is to stoke the flame of greatness and goodness in others. It is an honor to perpetuate the values of human dignity, integrity and compassion, which leads to a common condition that this group of ambitious and talented individuals encounter each day. In fact, all of us do, in today’s technological culture – it’s the lack of “Me Time.”