Frank Scandura, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
It All Starts With You As A Shop Owner

We must be constantly negotiating with and reevaluating ourselves, our goals, our performance, risk, attitudes and lessons learned. If we don’t have predetermined plans for how we will deal with the facets of our businesses and our lives, we will end up in a place we don’t want to be. As we start a new year I see no better time to do just that. Take some time and have a plan ready. Check your goals, reset them if needed. Be prepared for the unexpected, know where you want to be, and you’ll get there!

Accountability Raises The Performance Bar And Helps Achieve Goals And Objectives

Accountability is a big word. We see examples every day around us where we can safely surmise that “that person” is not being held accountable for their actions. We are surrounded by people every day – customers, employees, family members and even strangers in the stores and restaurants we frequent – doing or saying something that causes pause.

Let’s Clean Up

Let’s talk about cleanliness. I mean really clean, not just on the surface. Ever walk into a business that looked clean initially, but really wasn’t? You could just tell. The next thing you know you’re looking closer at the places under tables and chairs, and then it’s pretty obvious it’s not very clean at all.

Vehicle-Specific Diagnostic Equipment: The Future Is Here

While reviewing our shop equipment needs for an upcoming move to a new location, we decided it was time to look at our diagnostic equipment to see what was new and decide if we needed to update it. Again. What we discovered made my day!

Is It Safe In There? Protecting Your Shop From Hidden Dangers

Have you ever noticed that extension cord stretched across the floor? How about that air hose? A couple of parts here, or there? What about your lifts? No big deal, right? Well, these things can be a big deal, if you’re not careful.

Is Your Used Equipment Safe? Does It Comply To SAE, UL, ALI Standards?

If your town is anything like mine, from time to time an automotive repair shop will close and, inevitably, the equipment will be listed for sale. I’ve seen this trend during good times and bad, and I’ve had the opportunity to purchase some of this equipment. When I’m in the market for a lift, this is what I look for.