Chris Saraceno, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Keeping Our Egos In Check

It’s easy to say we’re “always working to improve,” but it’s hard to resist the urge to rest on our achievements.

‘Strike it Rich’ By Investing In Yourself

With positive attitudes and actions you’ll give yourself the best chance to reach or exceed your goals.

Think You Know Everything You Need To Know?

How far do you think “the way we’ve always done it” mindsets will take us in this ever-evolving marketplace?

The Best Investment We’ll Ever Make

With the proper mindset, obstacles become new ways to learn valuable lessons, giving you opportunities to shine.

Be Determined, Not Desperate

With a solid financial foundation, we will ride out any lean months & not crash with a “feast or famine” mindset.

Get S.M.A.R.T.

A deadline puts positive pressure on us. Our time is limited; it’s up to us on how we spend it.

The Equal Treatment Of Unequal Effort Will Destroy A Company

Everyone on our team should be given the same opportunities to grow and improve in their career. As Americans, we are all equal under the law. No one is inherently superior to anyone else simply because of their ancestry or advantages.