5 Easy Vehicle Delivery Steps That Generate More Repeat Business -

5 Easy Vehicle Delivery Steps That Generate More Repeat Business

Discuss these five steps with your staff, and start "wowing" your customers today!

1. Make sure your advisors schedule car deliveries with first-time customers whenever possible (The point is to try). If an exact time won’t work, provide the customer with a window of time. This is considered an ‘active delivery’, and will allow your advisors to spend a few minutes with each new customer to personally thank them, go over the paper work and sell them on the next visit.

2. Ensure you have backup in place so that your advisors are able to take the time needed for an effective vehicle delivery. This is your last chance to make an impression on your customers, so make sure they don’t feel your advisors are too busy for them, or that their business is not valued. Backup must be in place to ensure your advisors have enough time to “wow” each customer.

3. Have your advisors resell the service by telling the customer that they made a really smart decision. Telling the customer that they made a great choice will help reduce buyer’s remorse, will reduce their anxiety, and will help your advisors build trust with the customer.

4. Make sure your advisors talk to your customers about the next steps they will need to take. Your advisors should review the service that was authorized and any post service instructions or maintenance brochures, then build value in the customer’s next visit by explaining the benefits. Make sure your advisors schedule the next appointment in your calendar while the customer is still onsite.

5. Have your advisors provide each customer with their business card, and thank the customer for their trust. A heartfelt “thank you” and handshake are the finishing touches on a successful vehicle delivery.

Discuss these steps with your staff, and start “wowing” your customers today!

This article was provided by Jen Monclus of Elite, an industry acclaimed sales trainer who heads up Elite’s Masters Service Advisor Training Program.

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